Book Review — Civil War (Marvel)

Civil WarCivil War by Mark Millar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m not sure where I stand on this issue yet—either with Iron Man and for the registration of superheroes, or with Captain America and for the protection of civil liberties.

What I know for sure is that the authors here don’t pick one side over the other, and the judgement is left up to the reader.

And I may be alone in this…but I prefer it when there’s more talking than action. Comic book fights have never done much for me, and as a serious booklover, it’s the dialogue that will always appeal to me more.

This book has a good balance of that though, and I do enjoy that instead of fighting random baddies from outer space or a demon nether realm, it’s right here on Earth. The conflict is between heroes and friends that you already know.

I will mention that I’m quite out of the loop when it comes to superhero comics, so I am missing a lot of the themes and personalities of the characters (slash just characters in general. Who is Goliath? Why do I care? Who is Punisher? Why is everyone so scared of him? etc.). I have friends more familiar with Marvel who don’t like this story arc because it’s inconsistent, but as a newbie to the genre, it worked all right for me.

Though one last thing has to be said (and you may have seen me ranting about this on Twitter last night). What’s up with the tights and the unrealistic body images? Not just the blatant ass shots on some of the females, but the twisty-turvy positions Spider-man finds himself in, and all the rippling muscles on most of the dudes. This fascination with tights and hyperbolic body forms is something I will never understand I guess.

Anyway, it looks like I’ve finished up the main arc, so it’s time to dive into all the tie-ins. (I’ve decided to read Civil War in the Trade Paperback order instead of the single issue chronological order mainly so I can review them on here.)

Marvel Unlimited has already paid for itself. I love graphic novels, but when they’re such a short read, it can be hard to pay so much for them. Especially since I probably won’t be re-reading this series ever.

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