Book Review — The 33: Needles, Part 1 (The 33 #5) by J.C. Hutchins

The 33, Episode 5: Needles [Part 1] (The 33, Season 1)The 33, Episode 5: Needles [Part 1] by J.C. Hutchins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of the challenges (or opportunities, if you will) about writing episodic fiction is finding a balance between losing your readers, and rehashing everything that’s happened to get them up to speed.

J.C. Hutchins has found that perfect balance. You are just at the cusp of confusion, but it makes for compelling reading that fortunately doesn’t expect you to have just finished the previous installment.

The 33 is the best example I’ve ever seen of serialized fiction. Truly, this is TV for us book nerds.

In this new arc, the POV switches to another of the crew (“Bliss”) and it’s a fun change. Not that the previous protagonist (“Knack”) wasn’t good, but the shift comes at a perfect time to shake up the story.

This episode in particular is proof that J.C. Hutchins isn’t just good for killer fight scenes (and holy winking skeevers, he is excellent at those). Needles is less reliant on technology and action—a more character-drives story that only deepens our attachment to the heroes.

If you could all do me a favour and start reading this…that’d be great. I’m running out of different ways I can gush about this series.

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