MIND MELD: Books That Make Us Shake Our Heads at Other Readers

An inevitability of reading many books (and subsequently reviewing books) is feeling disconnected when reading a book which has been well-received by a great number of people. In other words, you begin to wonder who is missing something: you as the reader for not “getting” what is so great about the book, or the other readers for helping to raise the book to its hallowed status.

SF Signal has a Mind Meld asking panelists “which books make you shake your head at other readers?” including answers from yours truly, Delilah S. Dawson, Steve Drew, David Annandale, and more.

Click here for the full article.


3 thoughts on “MIND MELD: Books That Make Us Shake Our Heads at Other Readers

  1. You know, like 2 months ago I contributed to a post that had a similar concept to it. After it triggered a Twitter shitstorm I spent the rest of that week reading what a humongous turd I was due to the comments of another blogger that contributed, heh. My addition to the list probably wasn’t the most socially savvy move ever either, hah. Here’s a link:


  2. I love your final paragraph.
    “Reading and reviewing should be fun and shouldn’t feel like a chore. Don’t take it too seriously, and remember to move on, because another great read awaits.”
    That really sums up this whole reading and reviewing books for a blog thing. If it’s not fun, why do it?

    • Thanks!

      When I originally started reviewing, I gave it up after a few months. It was too much work and I was getting too stressed and it honestly took the fun out of reading.

      So I moved to Goodreads for a few years and casually wrote my thoughts on books. It felt so liberating to have no expectations and no pressure. Some reviews would be long, some would be a sentence.

      Over time, I got more comfortable with it, and now write decent-length (at least for me) reviews of everything I read. It’s still fun, and I have no plans of stopping.

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