Book Review — The Shadow Rising (Wheel of Time #4) by Robert Jordan

The Shadow Rising (Wheel of Time, #4)The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thought this book felt really long while reading it, and well, I was right. It’s the longest WoT book of them all.

The beginning didn’t grab me–I’m not a big fan of when the action stays just in one place with a lot of talking. Once it switched to more POVs and more travels, I loved the ride again.

Perrin’s story was great, as always.

I wasn’t too excited about Elayne and Nynaeve before, but they rocked in this book.

This was also perhaps Jordan’s best use of the third-person limited viewpoint, hiding and revealing information to the characters and readers effectively.

Unfortunately, Mat dissapointed me a bit. He was incredible in the last book, carousing around on his own. He became a bit bland and sulky being dragged around.

Getting excited, as I’m another step closer to Brandon Sanderson’s finale of the series! (Which just arrived in the mail. SO PUMPED)

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