Book Review — Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman

Make Good ArtMake Good Art by Neil Gaiman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can I just go ahead and give this one a bajillion stars? It deserves it.

Make Good Art is Neil Gaiman’s commencement address, put into pretty words and colours.

(If you haven’t watched that yet, do yourself a favour and remedy that situation ASAP:

This book struck all the chords, hit me right in the creative gut, made me feel all the feels. If you have any sort of artistic inclination, you need to read this book.

Now, about this particular edition. I mean, you can get the speech for free online, read by the man himself. But I’m a big typography geek, and this one looks gorgeous. And what about after the internets? I want this book in my library so I can browse back to it again and again (and again, and again and…again).

It’s one for the ages, and a necessary edition to any creative household.

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