Book Review — Hidden Warrior (The Tamir Triad #2) by Lynn Flewelling

Hidden Warrior (The Tamír Triad, #2)Hidden Warrior by Lynn Flewelling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m loving my commute more and more – I finished this audiobook in just a work week!

Hidden Warrior is yet again another hit from Lynn Flewelling, an author who I think deserves more attention. She can make you feel for characters like nobody else, and doesn’t need grand-scale plots or life-endangering scenes to do so.

We follow the lives of Tobin and Ki (who I thought was written Kai for the entirety of the two books) and get more of what I loved in The Bone Doll’s Twin. The dialogue was well-written, and the narrator impressed me yet again with a subtle array of character voices that never drew me out of the story.

Like I said, this isn’t a story of massive battles and huge stakes. Just a boy, his best friend, and whatever obstacles are tossed their way. I enjoyed that I couldn’t figure out where the plot was going; Flewelling is excellent at combining characters in a fantastic milieu, going more for depth than breadth.

I’m amazed at how much managed to fit in this book. The hardcover is just shy of 600 pages, with is only 100 more than the last book I read (Partials), but it feels like so much more happens. Maybe it’s the slower pace of the audiobook, feeling as if a tale is being spun around a campfire?

This could be put in a spoiler tag, but I’m not going to since we figured this out at the beginning of book 1. Tobin is a girl, but when the transformation actually occurs, it is definitely a jarring experience. I can’t imagine what he (she?) went through, it was hard enough for me to adjust to the shifted pronouns – and I was just the reader! Throughout the books, the author played with the concept of sexuality and explored in a way that didn’t feel didactic. Now that her true nature has been revealed, I’m looking forward to seeing how it will progress from here. Will Tobin still act like a boy? Or a boyish girl? Will he and Ki get together? I’m hoping for no, that would feel icky.

Anyway, I know exactly where my next Audible credit is going. On to more adventures!

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