Book Review — Storm Front (The Dresden Files #1) by Jim Butcher

Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1)Storm Front by Jim Butcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Re-read update:

OK, on a re-read this book was bumbed to a solid four. Jim Butcher has a firm grasp on first-person narrative and Harry Dresden’s voice is one of the most unique I’ve ever read.

I’m pretty much hooked, and could read any story with Dresden in it because I find him so damn fascinating.

Also, this is largely an audio read for me, and the narrator is beyond phenomenal. The sighs and hushed tones greatly add to the book.


Let me preface this by saying that I read Storm Front right after finishing Steven Erikson’s House of Chains. It took me a little while to get used to the toned-down style, but overall I enjoyed this book.

By the end, I think I’ve come to like Harry Dresden as a character. Funny, somewhat clumsy, and not as powerful or tough as you’d imagine. The first person perspective really helped with getting to know him.

I feel that the Dresden Files will be novels that I’ll be coming back to when I’m looking for a quick read, to immerse myself in a fast-paced mystery plot at the hands of Harry Dresden.

Looking forward to continuing with the series!

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