Book Review: Pulp Literature (Spring 2014) edited by Melanie Anastasiou, J.M. Landels, and Susan Pieters

Pulp Literature (Spring 2014)Pulp Literature by Melanie Anastasiou
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Full disclosure: this is a local (Vancouver-area) magazine which I backed on Kickstarter, and one of the editors has taught me how to ride horses and swing swords. Which is to say, I was more than a little excited to dive into this.

“Our magazine is dedicated to a simple principle, that good writing is good writing. We deliberately mix storytelling styles and blend genres in each issue to develop our palates with a variety of fiction, poetry,
and comics. That’s why we named our magazine the oxymoronic Pulp Literature. We want the fun times of a dime-store pulp paperback as well as quality literature. The best of both worlds, in one book — and for the price of a beer!

Many bookstores divide novels into categories by genre. We at Pulp Literature believe there
is only one bookshelf needed, only one genre for works of the imagination: fiction. Take it from us. The magic of storytelling rules them all.”

That’s a quick intro from the opening pages on what this magazine is all about, and honestly I think that should be enough to prove what a worthwhile project it is.

But I have a few more things to say. This isn’t just a hastily-put-together fiction magazine. The print and ebook versions are gorgeous, and it’s evident that a lot of time and attention to detail went into their production, layout, and printing. Even the paper is high quality, and I’m a sucker for those sorts of things as you know.

There are well-written stories (obviously), comics, poetry, illustrations, serials, you name it! In this particular issue, there was a vampire story by Sarah Pinsker that was unbelievably refreshing, touching, and beautiful.

It only comes out four times a year, and I urge you to check it out and subscribe:

Great fiction for the price of a beer.

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