Book Review — Cold Days (The Dresden Files #14) by Jim Butcher

Cold Days (The Dresden Files, #14)Cold Days by Jim Butcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alright folks, it’s confession time: I have never watched Buffy.

*Waits for jeers to die down.*

*Deftly catches rotten stone fruit and returns it with an accompanying curse.*

*Snatches geek credentials back from the mob and loops lanyard around neck, thankful for the breakaway safety clasp.*


So, turns out that James Marsters’s natural voice is not the one he uses for Harry Dresden. Who knew? To say that hearing him lose his groove after a break is a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT would be an understatement.

What’s that? Oh, the book itself?

Fucking kickass, what did you expect.

You don’t get to reading the 14th book in a series and decide it’s not your cup of whiskey anymore.

Nothing else can make me smile so hard at epicly awesome scenes (or send serious shivers down my spine). You thought you know Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, but now he’s back and he’s a motherfucking badass.

(Never fear though, he doesn’t stray into the uninteresting spectrum of hyper-competent protagonists. Most chapters still end with “oh, crap” and Harry gets his ass handed to him more often than not.)

In many ways, this is a set up novel for the new story arc. Seeing everyone again, getting used to his new position, exploring his new domain, etc, etc. Harry’s got a few trust issues this time around, but he’s finding his way and settling in.

One last thing: if you didn’t get it from the title, Cold Days is heavy on the Winter Court and the realm of Faerie, and as a result it features…wait for it…Santa Claus in a sword fight.

I kid you not. Kris Kringle himself, in the most entertaining display of Father Christmas I’ve ever seen.

If that didn’t sell the book for you right there, well, I’m not sure we can be friends any longer. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

This is an impressively fun book—go forth, read it, and be merry.

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